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8 Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

Let’s be honest.  My house does not look like my mom’s did.  Her’s was much more clean.  My mother-in-law’s house looks like a magazine page.  Not mine!  But I feel like for times like Thanksgiving and Christmas, even I can do a little bit of decorating, and getting ready for the big bird on my table and those yummy casseroles and pies.   Thanksgiving is about celebrating with family.  It’s a time for Turkey Bowl 2015.  So  let’s celebrate all the good in our lives!  Here are 8 of my favorite Thanksgiving decorating ideas that will make your home inviting on Thanksgiving Day.

Cork & Feather Place Cards 10-26-15  Cork & Feather Place Cards - homework (5)[7]

I love this Thanksgiving place card idea by Its’ so simple, but gives your table so much character.

Items Needed
paperclips (or something sharp to poke a hole)


Some times the mantel is about all I have time to decorate.  And this one looks fun!  It will give me an excuse to go up in the mountains and gather some fall leaves to play with.  AlmostMakesPerfect created this DIY Thanksgiving leaf garland. It’s simple, yet beautiful. She also used last months Halloween pumpkins.  She used gold duct tape to change the pumpkins into beautiful Thanksgiving decor.  Brilliant!

Items Needed:
white craft marker
gold duct tape


Here is another mantel decor idea that I love.  A Diamond in the Rough ‘s “Give Thanks” mantel will remind our family what Thanksgiving is all about.  For the “GIVE” banner she used brown card stock, burlap,and twine. And she picked the pumpkins up at the dollar store and spay painted them in Heirloom White. The “THANKS” was cut out with a Circut.  I love this!



feathersincans Thanksgiving-Table-25

Lately I have seen a lot of wild turkeys up the canyon and they sound just like a cougar or a boogie man ready to pounce!  I had the thought of using the turkey feathers that I find on the mountain, but I think Design Improvised  has the best idea from getting them at the craft store :.  Amazon also has them.




The kids table is going to be a hit this year!  My very crafty 6 year old and I are going to create this one.   With her little hands and  A STEP IN THE JOURNEY ‘s step by step guide, we can all make the little ones a little more hyper when they arrive.

Items Needed
fish bowl (from the dollar store)
googly eyes
brown, yellow, red,and orange card stock
and one little one that wants to trace and cut

thankful-tree-printable (1)

 My two year old’s thankful list is quite a bit different than my 13 year old’s. I enjoy looking back on previous years of what the kids are thankful for.  Come the first Monday of November will start  our “thankful fors”. Craftionary has made it easy to display our list this year.  Just click, print, and cut!

pumpkinsandbottles-before pumpkinsandbottles-after2

Place of my Taste has crafted this beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece.  I think it would look amazing in any home decor.

Items Needed:

– 2 empty bottles

– a bag of  decor pumpkins

– white and gold spray paint

– washi tape or painters tape

– sponge brush

These pumpkins can be purchased individually at dollar store.

lighted-thankful-tree (1)

You certainly could use a tree branch from your back yard to do this, but I love the way The Happy House Wife has used the lighted tree branches.  As of today they are $45 on Amazon.  She used a maple leaf stamp instead of scissors.  She gives wonderful instructions on her site.