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Ashlee is my brilliant 14 year old that isn’t afraid to try anything.  Last summer she decided she wanted to learn the “uke”.  She talked me into taking her up up to Boothe Brothers and buying one with her babysitting money.  Soon after, she had a handful of songs memorized.  Michelle is my 7 year old sweet heart, and has amazing piano skills. Michelle wants to be just like her big sister.  Last Sunday, after church, I caught them downstairs figuring it out.  Can you guess what Michelley wants for Christmas now?  I may have to dust off my guitar and have our own jam session.


There is no snow on Valley View right now, but we know where to find it.  It’s only a six mile drive to find our heaven.  My Cannon 60D getting some more use.  I’m determined to figure it out.  Moose Winans has some tips for beginners that has helped me crack open my camera bag again and start shooting.  His Cheat Sheets have helped a ton.  I love that I can have all the cheat sheets on my phone.